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The 41st Congress of ICMH

Important Information About ICMH2015

Dear Congress Participants,

Welcome to Beijing for the 41st Congress of International Commission of Military History (ICMH2015). Chinese Commission of Military History, as the organizer, would try every effort to provide you with the best we can. For the success of the Congress and your comfortable experience of attending, please read all details in the following sections.

1. Transportation

Before 31 August, we have free shuttle service from Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing South Railway Station to the Congress Hotel. You will be greeted by guides and signs of "ICMH2015" at the arrival hall of the airport and railway Station, and led to board the shuttle bus to the Congress Hotel. In case of unexpected flight delay or other emergency, please feel free to contact us (Miss YueYing,86-13811084661; Mr. Shen Yipan, 86-13120278910).

Since 4 September, the free shuttle service will be from the Congress hotel to airport or railway station. We will prompt the shuttle arrangement in the lobby of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Please be sure to check your trip information. If there were any problems, please contact us in time (Contact information as above).

2. Accommodation

The Congress Hotels are:

(1) Four Points Sheraton Hotel (Congress venue)

Address: Tower 1, 25 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100097

Website: http://fourpoints.com/beijinghaidian

(2) Aloft Hotel (very close to the Congress venue)

Address: Tower 1, 25 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100097

Website: http://alofthotel.com/beijinghaidian

3. Dining

Free meals will be provided during the Congress (28 August - 5 September). Dining place for all participants and accompanying persons will be on the first floor cafeteria of Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Please dine with your conference badge that will be issued during registration.

4. Cultural activities

Cultural activities arranged by the organizer are free to all participants and accompanying persons. Cultural activities are not compulsory, but for the better organizing of the tours, we do hope you can inform us of your choice in advance, whether you will participate or not. Please click here to download the questionnaire, then fill it out and send it to us (icmh2015@chinatraveldepot.com; icmh2015@sina.com).

Thanks again for your support! We sincerely wish you the best harvest in this Congress. Friendly Beijing will give you a beautiful and unforgettable impression!

The ICMH2015 Secretariat
16 August, 2015

The 41st Congress of ICMH in Beijing, China

August 30th ~ September 4th, 2015

The China Commission of Military History (CCMH) is hosting the 41st Congress of ICMH in Beijing from August 30 to September 4, 2015, which is the first time for China to hold the event.

This Congress is centered on the theme "World War II and the Development of Warfare in the 20th Century". Topics for discussion include: "Origin and Progression of World War II", "Development of Military Academic Study before and after World War II", "Development of Military Technology during World War II", "World War II and China Theater", "Outcome of World War II and Its Impacts", "Evolution of Conduct of Warfare in the 20th Century", "Wars in the 20th Century and International Relations", "Revolution in Military Affairs in the 20th Century", "Development of Military Theories in the 20th Century", "Relations between War and Society, Economy and Culture in the 20th Century".

The working languages for the event are English, French, and Chinese.

CCMH kindly invites you to participate in the 41st Congress. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via this email icmh2015@sina.com.

The following information could help you better arrange your trip.

About registration

Please register on this website, and complete your personal information, itinerary and accommodation information, etc. More information about your trip would help us to offer you better assistance. If you have problems in registration, please contact us. You can also register by sending us emails. The official email address is icmh2015@sina.com. The registration fee for participants and accompanying persons is 350 EUROs per person. The fee is 100 EUROs per person for PhD candidates recommended by the education commission.

You have two alternatives to pay the registration fee:

1. Pay the fee on this website through Visa and Master Cards (Charged in CNY or USD), or Paypal, AE Card (Charged in USD).

2. Pay the fee during the congress in Beijing.

About Hotels

You can choose between the two congress hotels:

1. Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, five star hotel, 700 CNY per day for standard suite. The 41st congress will be held in this hotel. Address: Tower 1, 25 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Beijing 100097, China. Official website of the hotel: http://fourpoints.com/beijinghaidian.

2. Aloft Hotel, four star hotel, near to the first hotel, 450 CNY (500 CNY for two customers) per day for standard suite. Official website of the hotel: http://alofthotel.com/beijinghaidian.

Attention: Please login your account on this website and reserve hotels through this website for special discounts. Do not go to hotels official website for reservation.

About Visa

To acquire visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, two options exist:

1. For a tourist visa, you need to give your hotel address in China (i.e. the Four Points Hotel) as well as show the flight details.

2. For a Business Visa, you need to get an official invitation from us. The following passport information is required, including English full name, Nationality, Gender, Passport No, Date of birth, and Date of Expiry. In order to avoid errors, it is best to send scanned passports to us.

In both cases, the forms can be downloaded from the website of the Chinese Embassy in your country.

About Post-Congress Tour

Please check out the specific arrangement on Post-Congress Tour of this website.

You do not need to reserve hotels during post-congress tour, because the travel agency will help you to deal with it. When you arrive in Beijing, the travel agency will contact you for your requests.

The post-congress tour fee is about 6000 CNY per person. You can pay it after arriving in Beijing, or pay it in advance through contacting Miss Yue Ying (icmh2015@chinatraveldepot.com), representative of the travel agency.

Note: Application for the Post-Congress Tour has ended. Participants having registered for the tour please reply to the email entitled "About Post-Congress Tour for ICMH2015 (NAME, Member ID XXX)".

About the paper

All participants are welcomed to present a paper to the Congress. The paper proposal should be approved by the president of respective national commissions, and submitted by the national commissions in priority order if there are more than one paper from one national commission. Each paper proposal (written in one of the three congress languages English, French or Chinese) should include the author's academic CV (no more than 200 words), concerned topics, and an abstract within 500 words. The host Commission, in consultation with ICMH, will select the papers and prepare the scientific program of the congress.

Scholars whose papers are selected should prepare a speech within 20 minutes, and submit the speech scripts.

You can submit the paper either through the registration webpage or sending to the official email box icmh2015@sina.com.

Please pay attention to the deadline: 30th June for submitting paper proposals, 31st July for submitting the speech scripts,and 31st December for submitting the final version of the paper.

About Beijing

Beijing, also known as Peking, is the capital of the People's Republic of China. The city is the country's political, cultural, and educational center. For centuries, it has been the heart of Chinese history. The weather in Beijing is warm and sunny: at the end of August and early September, daily temperatures range from 22°C to 28°C.